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FasterNode empowers developers with feature-rich Node.js boilerplate code, accelerating your SaaS development journey.

FasterNode is a Node.js boilerplate designed to streamline the development process for SaaS applications. It offers a comprehensive suite of pre-built features, including secure user authentication, payment integration with Stripe, automated emails via Mailgun, and much more, all aimed at reducing the time and effort required to launch a SaaS project. By providing a solid foundation of code that handles common functionalities, FasterNode allows developers to focus on creating unique features and innovations for their applications. The platform is built on a reliable stack of technologies, including Node.js and Express for the server-side, MySQL for the database, and pure CSS3 for styling, with additional support for Tailwind CSS. This makes it an ideal solution for developers looking to launch their Node.js apps quickly without compromising on scalability or security. With FasterNode, you can own your data and have full control over your application, from user authentication to database schema, ensuring that your project is tailored to your specific needs. The creator, Rahim, designed FasterNode to help fellow indie hackers and developers overcome the initial setup hurdles of SaaS projects, enabling them to turn their ideas into reality faster.

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