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The React codebase generator.

Divjoy is an advanced React codebase generator designed to significantly accelerate the development of SaaS products and landing pages. By automating the initial stages of web development, Divjoy allows developers to focus on their core features from the outset, saving weeks of development time. With over 323,000 codebases created, it offers a comprehensive solution for building modern web applications.

The platform provides a wide range of customizable options, including app types (SaaS, Landing Page, Ecommerce, Web3), frameworks (React, Next.js, Gatsby), UI kits (Material UI, Bootstrap, Bulma, Tailwind), and more. Divjoy integrates with various technologies for authentication (Firebase Auth, Supabase Auth, Auth0), databases (Cloud Firestore, Supabase), payments (Stripe), hosting (Vercel, Netlify), and other essential services like newsletters (Mailchimp, ConvertKit) and analytics (Google Analytics, Mixpanel). This flexibility ensures that developers can tailor their codebase to their specific needs, making Divjoy a versatile tool for rapid web development.

Divjoy is ideal for developers looking to move quickly through the development process. It offers a built-in editor for customizing templates, styles, and components, and supports one-click export to CodeSandbox for further development. With its focus on React and a comprehensive set of integrations, Divjoy streamlines the creation of web applications, from concept to deployment.

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