Carrot Seed SaaS Kit
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Carrot Seed SaaS Kit

The SaaS Kit to save over 1.152 development hours.

Carrot Seed SaaS Kit is a comprehensive solution designed to significantly accelerate the development process of SaaS products. By providing a ready-made source code foundation, Carrot Seed allows developers to create the codebase for their next SaaS project in minutes, saving over 1,152 development hours. The kit includes a wide range of features such as user and account management, a subscription-based payment system, a component catalogue, and an administration interface. It supports web, mobile, and desktop app development with technologies like Django, Angular, and Electron, and comes with a Django server infrastructure, PostgreSQL and Redis databases, and a CI/CD system ready for deployment. Carrot Seed is built on 13 years of experience, offering secure, scalable solutions that are always up-to-date, with no vendor lock-in. It’s ideal for developers looking to streamline their development process, maintain control over their source code, and build on a foundation of best practices and trusted technologies.

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