Bullet Train
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Bullet Train

An MIT-licensed Rails-based framework for SaaS applications.

Bullet Train is an open-source Ruby on Rails framework designed to accelerate the development of SaaS applications. It provides a comprehensive suite of features right out of the box, including user authentication, team management, security and permissions, and a beautiful UI theme based on Tailwind CSS. Bullet Train is dubbed as “Rails on Rails” due to its next-generation scaffolding capabilities, which allow developers to generate production-ready views and resource controllers with ease. Additionally, it includes advanced features such as dark mode support, a REST API powered by Grape, outgoing webhooks, full mobile responsiveness, and complete test coverage. The framework also supports real-time updates via ActionCable, integrates with numerous third-party services, and offers a simple way to add internationalization. With Bullet Train, developers can save months of development time and focus on the unique aspects of their applications.

Bullet Train is built on top of the modern asset pipeline in Rails 7, ensuring fast compile and deploy times. It’s designed to be highly customizable, allowing developers to override and extend the framework to suit their specific needs. The project is actively maintained by a global team and continuously updated to include new features and improvements. For those looking to go further, Bullet Train Pro offers additional capabilities such as subscriptions and billing, action models for scaffolding complex user actions, real-time conversations, and in-app audit logs. Whether you’re bootstrapping to profitability, closing enterprise sales, or raising seed funding, Bullet Train provides a solid foundation to quickly build and validate SaaS applications.

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