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Business Class

A Ruby on Rails SaaS starter kit with two-factor authentication, teams spaces, and administration.

Business Class is a next-generation Ruby on Rails template designed to simplify the process of launching a SaaS application. This comprehensive starter kit includes features such as two-factor authentication, team spaces, and an admin panel, making it an ideal solution for entrepreneurs looking to build and deploy a startup quickly. With Business Class, users can choose between Stripe and Paddle Billing for subscriptions, and benefit from a built-in, SEO-optimized blog. The template also offers a single-server deployment with a security-hardened provisioning and Kamal configuration, allowing for rapid online deployment with just a few steps.

Key features include:

  • Subscriptions: Integration with Stripe or Paddle Billing for handling payments.
  • Blogging: An SEO-optimized blog with cover images.
  • Deployment: Easy deployment with Kamal configuration.
  • Authentication: Secure two-factor authentication with OTP codes.
  • Teams and Invitations: Support for team roles and an invitation system.
  • Admin Panel: A built-in admin panel for user and team management.

Priced at $169 for a one-time payment, Business Class offers unlimited projects, making it a cost-effective and powerful tool for starting a SaaS business over a weekend.

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