Learn to Build Web Applications with Flask and Docker
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Learn to Build Web Applications with Flask and Docker

A video course on building real world web applications using Flask, Celery, Redis, PostgreSQL, and Stripe.

Learn to Build Web Applications with Flask and Docker is a comprehensive video course designed for individuals with a basic understanding of Python, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript who are eager to dive into web application development. This course takes you through the journey of building a real-world application that incorporates user accounts, payment processing, and much more, leveraging technologies like Flask, Celery, Redis, PostgreSQL, and Stripe.

The course is structured to start from the basics of Flask and gradually move into more complex topics, making it suitable for both beginners and intermediate developers. Participants will learn about Flask’s minimalistic approach, its vibrant community, and how to utilize Docker to streamline development and deployment processes. The course also covers a wide range of topics including database management, form handling, authentication, authorization, and using Flask extensions. With the inclusion of 3 hours of bonus content on building RESTful APIs and using web sockets, this course offers a well-rounded education on web application development.

Created by Nick Janetakis, a self-taught full stack developer with over 20 years of experience, this course draws from real-world scenarios and best practices. Nick’s teaching style is practical and engaging, ensuring that learners not only understand the concepts but also how to apply them in real projects. With lifetime access to the course materials, participants are guaranteed to have a resourceful guide on their journey to becoming proficient in Flask and Docker-based web development.

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