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NextJs SaaS Boilerplates to help you launch your product faster.

BoilerCode offers a range of NextJs SaaS boilerplates designed to accelerate the development and launch of SaaS products. These boilerplates include essential features such as user authentication (with social login and magic link), payments integration (Stripe and LemonSqueezy, including PayPal), SEO management, email integration, database setup, and more. The key advantage of using BoilerCode is the significant time savings in development tasks, quantified in hours for each feature (e.g., saving 5 hours on user auth, 4 hours on database integration). The product comes in different versions, with the recommended version including advanced features like AI integration (LangChain, Pinecone, OpenAI), custom blog integration, and image generation with Dalle-3. BoilerCode is built on a Next.js tech stack, leveraging technologies like Tailwind CSS for styling and offering integrations with various services to provide a comprehensive solution for quickly launching SaaS applications.

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