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Effortlessly generate the perfect starting point for your Go web application or JSON API.

Autostrada is a powerful code generator designed specifically for Golang projects, providing developers with an efficient way to kickstart their Go web applications or JSON APIs. With Autostrada, you can easily generate a fully-functioning application scaffold, customized to your specific needs, thus saving hours of setup and configuration time. The tool takes care of all the setup steps and package integrations, allowing you to focus on writing application-specific code rather than dealing with boilerplate.

Autostrada offers a tried-and-tested application structure that includes minimal complexity, idiomatic Go code, and no unnecessary abstractions, ensuring that the generated code serves as a solid foundation for further development. It’s not a third-party framework but generates code that is entirely yours to control, extend, and adapt. The tool also includes helpful utilities for common tasks such as parsing JSON requests, rendering HTML templates, and managing SQL migrations, all while allowing you to customize your application scaffold to include only the features you need. Additionally, the generated code is MIT licensed, providing freedom for commercial use without restrictions.

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