SaaS Boilerplate
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SaaS Boilerplate

Open source web app to build your own SaaS product.

The SaaS Boilerplate by async-labs is an open-source project designed to save developers many days of work when building their own SaaS (Software as a Service) products. It comes equipped with a range of basic SaaS features, allowing developers to focus on creating the unique aspects of their products. The boilerplate is built using a productive stack that includes React, Material-UI, Next.js, MobX, WebSockets, Express, Node.js, Mongoose, and MongoDB, and is written in TypeScript. This makes it a comprehensive solution for developers looking to jumpstart their SaaS projects with a solid foundation.

Key features of the SaaS Boilerplate include server-side rendering for fast initial load and SEO, user authentication (including Google OAuth API and Passwordless), production-ready Express server setup, transactional emails, file upload and management, Websockets for real-time communication, and team creation and management functionalities. It also supports subscriptions with Stripe for monetizing your SaaS product. The project structure is designed to be scalable and production-ready, making it an ideal starting point for developers aiming to build robust SaaS applications.

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