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Web Application Development Framework

ASP.NET Zero is a comprehensive framework designed to serve as the starting point for new web applications, offering a modern UI and a SOLID architecture. It comes with full source code, enabling developers to customize the application as needed. This framework significantly reduces development time by providing pre-built solutions for common application requirements such as login, authentication, user/role/permission management, localization, setting system, audit logging, multi-tenancy, and exception handling, among others. With its emphasis on a layered, clean source code built on a strong base framework, ASP.NET Zero facilitates rapid application development (RAD) through additional tooling that accelerates daily development tasks. It supports advanced authentication and authorization with many built-in and integrated login options, and is built with a focus on multi-tenancy (SaaS), including tenant, edition, feature, subscription, and payment management. ASP.NET Zero is ideal for developers looking to start their web projects with a solid foundation, saving time and effort on building common backend functionalities from scratch.

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