SaaS Boilerplate
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SaaS Boilerplate

Full Starter Kit to Build SaaS products using React and Django.

SaaS Boilerplate is a comprehensive, open-source toolkit designed to accelerate the development of SaaS applications by providing a suite of pre-built modules and features. It leverages a modern tech stack including React, Django, GraphQL, and Docker, among others, to offer a battle-tested foundation for building scalable, secure, and feature-rich SaaS products. Key features include user authentication and authorization, email integration, subscription and payment management, CMS integration, and OpenAI integration for leveraging artificial intelligence within applications. This boilerplate aims to reduce the cost and time associated with SaaS development, allowing developers to focus on the unique aspects of their products rather than reinventing common functionalities.

By utilizing SaaS Boilerplate, developers gain access to a developer-friendly, AWS-based scalable infrastructure and CI/CD, ensuring an efficient development process and quick deployment. The toolkit is designed to be customizable and well-tested, supporting a wide range of SaaS functionalities such as CRUD operations, email template creation and scheduling, various payment and subscription models, and more. It’s an ideal starting point for developers looking to bring their SaaS ideas to life quickly and efficiently, with the flexibility to adapt to any business model or industry requirement.

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